Mudo Design studio is a small manufacture established in 2009 by Katherine & Andrew Cebulak. Studio specializes in designing and producing unique furniture and textiles. We try our best to avoid blindly following worldwide trends and to create unique and carefully thought out products. For us, design is a way to pass on a piece of ourselves and our sensibilities along with the furniture & textiles. It’s no secret that we’re interested in the modern and the cutting edge, but we also have a soft spot for the traditional. What counts the most for us is functionality as well as conscious use of materials, precision, and at the same time moderation. We love the element of surprise and we follow the words of an architect Peter Zumthor who claims that „Every touch, every connection, every joint is to serve the idea of the general whole and is to deepen the quiet existence of the piece of art”.


Adres: ul. Jaworskiego 9, 20-834 Lublin, Poland

Telefon: +48 883 690 692

Email: info@mudodesign.com